Old Man´s Tale

Old Man´s Tale is a new finnish band started in summer 2017.
Bands unique sound is entirely build on ukuleles.
The songs drive from pop culture, history and some folklore as well.
Band started when Janne and Jarkko were working on a hole different project and asked Ilkka to come sing for them. Night at the studio quickly turned into a happy reunion because Janne and Ilkka haven´t seen each other in years.
Sometime in the evening Ilkka mentioned that he´s interested in ukulele and wanted to write some songs with Janne. Janne was also interested to write some music. Janne tried the ukulele for the first time in his life and was mesmerized by the instrument. This quickly gave some new ideas in the means of songwriting. Janne and Ilkka wrote few songs and wanted make a test recording in order to hear how the intstruments sounds like. They asked Jarkko to record it. It turned out to be “Odyssey of Alaska¨, our first single. Once we were rehearsing, Pasi came to visit and happened to hear our recording and was surprised about how good it sounded. Enough said, few day passed and Pasi had bought cajon and some percussions and was assembled percussions on “alaska”. We were sold and Pasi was “hired” as a drummer. In the meantime Jarkko ordered a bass ukulele. No drums without a bass. Old Man’s Tale was born.

Old Man´s tale is :

Ilkka Moilanen : Vocals , Tenor ukulele
Janne Hyvönen : Backing vocals, 8- string tenor ukulele
Jarkko Liukkonen : Bass ukulele
Pasi Moilanen : Cajon drums , percussions

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