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Songwriter and ukulele player in Finnish Ukulele band Old Man´s Tale ( )
Also composing original songs and covers on my own channel
I´m a former guitar player gone nuts for ukulele ! I prefer 8 -string tenor ukulele and currently i´m using Lanikai LU – 8E . Been playing 1,5 years.



Cyriel discovers the artistic universe child. Once gone on stage, she will never come down from it again.

She is an actress, a singer and professional dancer today. During her career she learnt, discovered and worked with numerous artists and companies of the whole world (Ariane Mnouchkine and Théâtre du Soleil, Simon Abkarian and Catherine Schaub, Albert Dupontel, Vidhya Subramania, Jean-Jacques Lemêtre, Louis Fortier, …).

Multi-purpose artist, her fed by the various forms of artistic expressions (the theater, music, dance, the circus, the writing, …) and so creates a dreamlike and committed universe.

Since 2010, she writes, stages and interprets her own theatrical realizations (“Strange People”, “Le Voyage du Korrigan”, “Fleur de Trottoir”), mixing theater, song and dance.

Lover of the ukulele, in 2015, she learns the practice of this instrument in self-taught. From then on, she occurs in concert in a style mixing bluegrass, blues, rock, jazz and French songs.
She writes and composes her own songs, besides the numerous occasions of her directory.

Her texts invite in the journey and on second thought on our humanity. With poetry, she evokes important themes such as the war, the death, the domestic violence, …

His EP album “Cyriel – des histoires…” is available in download since September, 2018, in association with the label FLIP the Industry.

After numerous years on the French scenes, Cyriel is installed from now on in the beautiful city of Montreal. You can discover her on stage through Quebec.

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Working on the BIG project – “Music for the Head & Heart”

To be revealed in 2019…

I set up Original Ukulele Songs three years ago and its been quite a ride bringing together many amazing artists. I originally had the idea to sponsor stages for uke based music and did actually do this for a UK event back in 2016. However it taught me that much as I love uke based original songs, this sector is far too niche and I needed to think much bigger. Also as with niche music genres there tends to be a lot of unhelpful politics and status seeking, so I started working on what I call THE BIG PROJECT, with a few like minds.

OUS was always a beta tester for what will be known as “Music for The Head and Heart” This will be an international platform which will operate by invitation only and grown organically. There will be a strong web presence as well as live events and collaborations. We already have 12 artists involved, but its a lot of back-end work, so it won’t launch until later in 2019. It’s a big undertaking and as with all worthwhile projects, requires a lot of attention to detail, especially on the back end. 

The focus is on the love of music in all forms and what inspires artists to create and perform music. I’ll gradually be giving out more details and inviting artists to the platform. It’s NOT uke based, and quite deliberately more expansive in reach and content. 




What to watch out for in 2019 

2018 is almost concluded, so we thought we’d highlight a few things in “Uke world” to watch out for in 2019

Phil Doleman original album due 

Phil Doleman

Phil Doleman has been one of the leading lights in the ukulele world and has produced some excellent teaching materials essential for all ukulele players. In 2019 he is releasing an original album and we recommend  folks to watch out for it here

MUMF Festival 

There are many ukulele festivals around the world and especially in the UK. MUMF is a breath of fresh air in doing something different rather than repeating the same formula. Bravo and check out the festival HERE 

Geraldine Festival in NZ

I have been watching Fi and Hugh Mc Cafferty’s work from afar and blogged on Geraldine earlier this year. Without doubt they are pushing the boundaries in entertainment. Check them out HERE  

Matt Stead Workshops ukulele store

Matt Stead has been key to creating some great learning opportunities with his Uke retreats. He also has an excellent store for instruments that makes him my number one choice in the UK with great quality and selection of instruments

Check him out HERE  

 Best Regards

Nick Cody

Founder of OUS