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Lionel “The K”

Who is « The K »
Since 2006 and his first trip to Hawaii where he bought his first ukulele, The K bring this instrument into new territories all around the world (US, Australia, Europe) with his Ukulele / percussions duet U.K.E and with solo compositions.
Be prepare for « Ukulele Nu Sound »


Now we are 60 at OUS

We just added the 60th OUS artist to this site and in a month’s time will be running the first ever OUS live stage at The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival aka GNUF. The FB page has hit 2500 members and the quality of the material just gets better and better. I have noticed that there is a real energy associated with OUS artists and I have been greatly impressed by the support folks are giving each other.

During GNUF my own house will become something akin to a hippie commune with many artists from overseas and the UK coming to stay during GNUF 2017. This will give us the opportunity to discuss other phases for OUS that will be rolled out in 2017/2018 and 2019. I always maintained that this is a BIG project and its certainly starting to gain momentum. Over the next two months I’ll be working on another dimension to OUS, that will be unveiled later this year. The new OUS stickers will also be available at GNUF from the OUS stage with a great design by Max Wootton

Special thanks to everyone who continues to contribute to the platform and maintain the momentum for creating Original songs. There are some very cool surprises in the pipeline…

Warm Regards




Nicole McNally

16 year old singer songwriter from Dorset, Uk, love playing my Ukulele,writing my own stuff and messing around doing covers, check out my music page 🙂



Country blues singer songwriter interspersed with a little cheeky northern folk.
He’s been song writing and performing for over 15 years now as a solo artist along with various collaborations and even a stint in a country rock band.
Ric first picked up the ukulele on honeymoon in Hawaii in 2009 and has been gradually introducing it into his performances over the past 3 years before moving to focus on ukulele as ricmacfeegle in 2015 with a string of festival appearances and his first CD ‘Pies, Love & Ukulele’. 2016 saw the release of his second CD ‘Iron Butterfly’ with a new album in the pipeline.
Prolific songwriter with random influences from Tom Lehrer to B.B King, Gogol Bordello to Brad Paisley. All can be heard in his songs from the deep country of ‘Little Better Man’ and ‘The Porch Light’ to the downright cheeky and silly ‘Price of Vanity’ or ‘When the Bomb Drops’ (a song about towels and cheap hotels).
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Harald Boxtart

I started playing the ukulele in 2012. After playing classical guitar for over 30 years I was very surprised at the possibilities of this little instrument. I learned new playing techniques like clawhammer and campanella.
Writing and arranging for the ukulele helps to explore the possibilities and I’m still amazed about all the stuff you can play on just 4 strings!
I teach guitar and ukulele at different music schools, and I’m always interested in doing ukulele workshops/classes.