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The Original Ukulele Songs platform, created by Nick Cody 2016

A sign of a great song is that it is essentially timeless and will be played and heard for decades, inspiring generation after generation of listeners, and speaking to everyone who hears it. The songwriting tradition is as relevant today as ever and continues to inspire people from around the globe. I grew up listening to classic songwriters including, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Lennon and McCartney, amongst many others. These individuals created melodies and lyrics that are nothing short of magical.

The big problem with songwriting for me is starting a new song. It’s the thing where all the anguish exists, not in the writing of the song, but the starting of the new song. What do I write about? I never know.
Nick Cave

Such brilliant songwriters have inspired countless cover versions by numerous artists as well as many great tribute bands. It’s generally acknowledged that the ten most covered songs of all time by other artists include “Yesterday”, “Summertime”, “Over the Rainbow” and “Blackbird”.

Let me also be 100% clear, I love cover versions, especially when they are done with a twist, bringing new perspectives to the song with different interpretations, and of course traditional and folk songs which are no longer associated with an individual but live in their own right. However, I love it far more when songwriters create original material. This site is a platform for original ukulele-based songs and is unique in that it brings together ukulele artists from all over the globe. This site is not run for any commercial interests and there’s no paid advertising here. That removes any favoritism and commercial bias, so this platform is only to promote the love of original music.

Many thanks to all the ukulele artists who have contributed to this site and made it such a great place to visit! This is YOUR SITE, a unique voice for showcasing ORIGINAL UKULELE BASED songs and I think the world is better for giving voice to such material.

This site is and always be advert free, no pleading for PayPal contributions, no Amazon affiliations, its all just about the love of original music with no commercial bias. 


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Nick Cody

Founder of Original Ukulele Songs and director of traffic

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