Original Ukulele Songs Initiative

Phase 1 on Facebook

There are of course already many ukulele based songwriters across the globe, but as I said I couldn’t to date find any single place that brought such musicians together, hence the idea for Original Ukulele Songs as a specific platform for new music. With this in mind I set up the “Original Ukulele Songs” page on Facebook to attract artists who are focused on creating original songs as phase one of a bigger project. I use the term “songs” as opposed to “music” because I love to hear smart lyrics as well as great melodies. “Original” means original music and lyrics, not “an original take on a classic song!”

Yes I love cover versions that are done in a smart and new way BUT original ukulele based songs is about creating new music and new lyrics!  The Ukulele has a fine pedigree in that it has been a radical instrument in Japan, and brings people together to write and sing about what they believe in and what brings them together and inspires them. In the world today there is so much which unites people and which simply needs to be sung about!

The FB page has been very active and once we hit 1000 members, I promised “phase 2” which is the launch of this site. The original FB page will continue in its current form . We currently have contributions from all over the globe on both platforms and a massive range of material from a wide range of artists including the enthusiastic solo artist who has recorded their first original song in a bedroom to full blown professional band recordings. Artist contributions to date nclude, Manitoba Hal Brolund, Lorenzo Vignando Liz Panton, Matt Lindahl, Alan Thornton, Pat Walsh, Danielle Ate the Sandwich and many other great artists too numerous to mention! Invitations for phase 2 are done according to a number of criteria and I am one of the people involved in inviting specific artists. Its not like X Factor where people progress to “the next round!” Phase 2 serves a specific purpose in the BIGGER OUS PROJECT, which will continue to unfold. OUS welcomes participation at all phases, so there are opportunities for everyone to be involved in some way, but some ways will be different to others! We will be adding artists to this portal on a monthly basis.