Recommended ukulele stores

Many of us who have discovered the ukulele have come to find these instruments wonderfully seductive. There is also a massive range of instruments all of which can sound and play very differently. I personally recommend the following ukulele stores for buying instruments. Each one is unique and not only has a fantastic range of ukuleles, but crucially also provides an excellent personal service. I have shopped in all these stores and most of my current collection comes from these shops. Every instrument is different and I always advise players to spend some time trying out a wide range of ukuleles to find what you love the most.


Japanese stores are top of the list simply because the range and quality is so great. Take a look below and increase your visa limit before heading East!

Poe Poe

This store is full of great instruments, see and a must visit for anyone coming to Tokyo


This store is astonishing with 2 floors packed with all kinds of ukuleles you may never see elsewhere as well an actual museum on the 4th floor –

They also have amazing cases of all colours, quality and sizes.


Ukulele Mania One of the very best ukulele stores, period. Dean Leoni really knows his instruments as well. Here is a video clip from one of Nick Cody’s many visits there

Ukulele Store Ohana – A terrific esoteric ukulele store with a great range of instruments from both Japan and Hawaii

United Kingdom

The Southern Ukulele Store 

The Southern Ukulele Store has probably the best stock of ukuleles and uke related material in the UK. They also have an excellent website that shows the full range of what they offer


Reviews site

ukeplanetOUSUke Planet is a website with the goal of providing quality reviews of music featuring the wonderful ukulele. This maybe a new CD album, a downloadable EP from 2 years ago that’s escaped your attention, a Soundcloud file waiting to be discovered or a YouTube video that’s already taking the world by storm. If it’s out there Uke Planet are interested in it!
The website is run by Mike Flaherty who is always happy to receive CD’s or recommendations of music featuring the ukulele. So if you want to give something a plug, have any questions or indeed just want to say hello please get in touch via the Uke Planet website


Ukulele photos courtesy of Karen Turner Photography