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nick codyMy aim is to encourage everyone to write and perform original ukulele based music and to show the wider world that ukulele based music can extend far beyond the stereotypical idea that many people have about ukulele artists. I personally confess to being totally seduced by the ukulele and to date have found it an extraordinary songwriting tool which has helped write over 30 songs in the last 2 years, 13 of which are recorded on the “Adam Blames Eve” album with four more to appear in 2016 on the “Lullabies for Cynics” release.

I suspect there will be other artists who have a similar experience of being totally inspired by this instrument and phases 2 and 3 of The Original Ukulele Songs initiative are all about collaboration on a bigger scale.

Phase 2 and phase 3 of OUS now live

 Since launching this site, there have unsurprisingly been a lot of requests from artists to be included. The initial artists were invited from the phase 1 FB page, but now the site is launched I thought it sensible to set out some criteria to establish what’s needed!
redshirt1To be included here you will need to have created a body of work that is either recorded on audio and/or video. When I say “body of work” that means more than a few songs of course, with a few exceptions! The emphasis here is on creativity both lyrically and musically. The phase 1 FB page welcomes all contributions, but phase 2 is about refinement and song development.
Many artists are preoccupied with covering other’s material which is fine, especially when this is done in a creative and interesting manner. That said Original Ukulele Songs is about the art of writing original material and that’s another level of focus and dedication.
I fully respect that some folks may feel excluded by this stance, and this phase 2 site is a precursor to level 3 which will be unveiled in 2017. Phase 3 is a big bold step up from phase 2 and will require a great deal of work by all involved.
As I have always said Original Ukulele Songs is a BIG project and of course the different levels mean that everyone can participate in some way at one or more of the levels. Please be patient as the project unfolds and special thanks to all those across the globe who are supporting this initiative.
Warm Regards
Nick Cody Nov 2016
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 Special Thanks to the following people
Thanks for all the artists who have contributed to this facility, Alun Richards for web creation, Matt Warnes for Uke Magazine, Karen Turner for main ukulele photos on home page, Susan Elton for article photographs and Max Wootton for the brilliant illustration that is the official logo for Original Ukulele Songs. Photographs courtesy of Karen Turner

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