Chrissy playing 2005. An original on ukulele

The following is a true story….

Once upon a time, in a country far away lived a little girl with a little red radio. At night she’d jump in bed, pull the covers over her head, and listen to her favorite artists. Sometimes she’d imagine herself on stage with them.

She raided her mother’s jazz collection and watched film musicals. She pulled a decorative guitar off the wall, restrung it, and taught herself to play. She performed in theatre, played on radio, started a band and toured, and wandered around the globe. She read tarot, and went to University to study music.

Many years later, she discovered a good portable instrument for the gypsy soul – the ukulele. She sold all her belongings  and joined a tribe called the Melbourne Ukulele Kolective in her native country of Australia. She played the likes of Hamer Hall and the Sydney Road Music Festival and appeared on Channel 7 News.

Then, the not so little girl embarked on her biggest adventure yet by moving to Los Angeles. She pet sit in a mansion overlooking the San Gabriel mountains and started a solo career and YouTube ukulele channel.

Chrissy has come a long way from her country town roots among snakes and kangaroos and now she’s exploring the USA. Join her for a night of indie pop inspired songs, rearrangements you’ve never heard before, and a good yarn or two.

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