Matt Hicks


Matt Hicks has been writing and performing songs longer than he cares to admit. He writes and performs on both guitar and ukulele but it is his original songs on the uke which has recently propelled him into the spot light. He finds it difficult fitting into convention and so can often be heard playing his uke as it thinks its a banjo reflecting Matts love of Americana and the bluegrass, country traditions. His main influences range from Tom Waits, Crowded house to Townes Van Zandt.

Over the last year he has been working closely with Alan Thornton despite the very large pond that sits between their houses. Matt takes Alan’s lyrics, tweaks occasionally and then encases them into a melody and structure resulting in an increasing catalogue of songs. At some point in the near future Pancho (what Alan calls Matt) and Lefty (what Matt calls Alan) hope to share a stage and blurt their songs out together. Matt’s youtube page can be found here:

All news of Matt’s gigs and adventures can be found on his Facebook page at:

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