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Both are both: teachers and students, musicians and fans alike.

Zacquine, a classically trained pianist, choir singer and painter/illustrator, is the main voice of the duo.

She hand-paints her signature designs on ukuleles, guitars and other musical instruments. Being involved in “Songs For The Sea: Ukulele Sirens” (Website:, it was Zacquine who took on the job of designing a mascot logo for this worldwide collaborative project of (foremost female) ukulele players/singers that was subsequently used on the Ukulele Sirens T-Shirt and might serve as the digital album art for the forthcoming sampler of the same name (estimated iTunes release: May 2017).

Another field she works in is Manga/Anime art and illustrations.

This can be seen in their video to the original ukulele song “Drawn To You” (video link in Point No. 3 above).


Not only as musicians, but as human beings in general, we all carry our own music within ourselves. This is innate. It is hard to say when we actually channeled that, sat down and “brought it to paper” or started recording it. It is a process, with its origin hard to pinpoint.

Our biggest influence was and still is: MUSIC! We wouldn’t even start to drop any artistes’ names here.

Tips that we’ve found useful are:

  • One way to get started is by consciously listening to songs (of all genres).
  • Analyze, internalize (structures), copy/cover, alter, “make them your own”, try around,
  • play (around with) music.
  • Learning by doing. Trial-and-error.
  • Record yourself, get others’ opinions.

But let’s face it: like with any other craft, if you want to go somewhere, you do need some sort of a background. So, the theory of harmony is not only helpful – at a certain point it becomes indispensable.

Like any (other) instrument, the ukulele has both: certain specific qualities/possibilities and limitations as well.

Go, explore – know these and find out how to use them to your advantage or where you have to work around that.

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Book recommendation:

“Songwriters on Songwriting”, Paul Zollo, DaCapoPress

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