Working on the BIG project – “Music for the Head & Heart”

To be revealed in 2019…

I set up Original Ukulele Songs three years ago and its been quite a ride bringing together many amazing artists. I originally had the idea to sponsor stages for uke based music and did actually do this for a UK event back in 2016. However it taught me that much as I love uke based original songs, this sector is far too niche and I needed to think much bigger. Also as with niche music genres there tends to be a lot of unhelpful politics and status seeking, so I started working on what I call THE BIG PROJECT, with a few like minds.

OUS was always a beta tester for what will be known as “Music for The Head and Heart” This will be an international platform which will operate by invitation only and grown organically. There will be a strong web presence as well as live events and collaborations. We already have 12 artists involved, but its a lot of back-end work, so it won’t launch until later in 2019. It’s a big undertaking and as with all worthwhile projects, requires a lot of attention to detail, especially on the back end. 

The focus is on the love of music in all forms and what inspires artists to create and perform music. I’ll gradually be giving out more details and inviting artists to the platform. It’s NOT uke based, and quite deliberately more expansive in reach and content. 



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