Unexpected Ukulele Songs

My name is Derek Reynolds and I live in Portland OR. I have just released an album based on the premise that the uke is a valid singer-songwriter instrument that could be given more respect and used much more adventurously than it is. Not a toy, not a gimmick but an amazing freeing songwriter’s tool. Eddie Vedder, Florence Welch, Bruno Mars, Vance Joy, Kimie Miner, Train… etc there are so many great examples of people writing great songs on the ukulele and I get frustrated by the standard pyrotechnics, overly mellow cover versions or silly songs that tend to be the mainstay of ukulele artists. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I am definitely trying to go the other way.

Here is my standard bio:
I have been a professional bass player and songwriter since I was 14 playing in the Midwest, Los Angeles and finally Portland. Along the way I have done Alt Rock, World Beat, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Funk, Jazz, even a little Metal and Country but it was always a group experience and I was always the bass player holding down the groove, I was comfortable there. But after my last couple of bands had annoying negative endings I decided it was too much hassle (and time) and retired to the daily grind and adventuring with my wife. Within a year I was jonesing for a musical outlet and had the idea to buy a cheap ukulele and learn That’s All (cheesy I know) for my wife to be played during our 18th anniversary adventure trip. By the time we went I knew 12 songs. A year later I wrote 2 songs for our anniversary and started playing open mics. The rest is future history as I push the musical boundaries of the ukulele and try to forge a new path. I bring all of my influences into the music I’m writing and my new originals are some of the best songs I’ve ever written. They never fail to entertain or surprise people as well as the eclectic covers I take on. So follow along and see where it all goes… cause I have no idea.

Reference material?

Hope that was too much info. 🙂

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