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Girl Friday

Hobart-born and Melbourne-based award winning* singer/songwriter Girl Friday (Tracey Hogue) will transport you to a different era. Her folk, jazz and blues sensibility evokes a sense of nostalgia, innocence and melancholy. Girl Friday’s rich, soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics remind us that people have felt and sung about the same things forever and a day. This calibre of songwriting never goes out of style.
*Winner of Roddy Read Songwriting Award, Maldon Folk Festival, 2016


Anna van Riel

Following the success of her 2014 Tui Nominated album “Whistle and Hum”, Award-winning Lake Hawea singer/songwriter Anna van Riel changed tack with a fun and interactive, toe tapping album, with a focus on supporting child development and interaction.
Having successfully toured her way across North America, with family in tow, Anna resourcefully engineered her own self-managed house concert circuit through sustainable and earth homes. Her passion for community and connecting with her audiences, has lead her on a musical journey that has been meaningful and unique.

When performing for her younger audiences, mother of two, Anna brings a wholesome, loving and encouraging air to her shows. She is also enthusiastic about sharing her sustainable approach to motherhood and music through song and dance.

Nominated Best Children’s Album and Best Children’s Song at the NZ Music Awards, the title track to Anna’s children’s album, “Cooking up a song”, also took out Best Song for Children at the Australian Songwriters Association awards in Sydney last year.

The album has recently taken her on an Off The Beaten Track tour in the Deep South where she visited children in remote areas.

Southland born, Anna is based in Lake Hawea with her husband and two children Matilda and Oscar.

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Discography: Cooking up a Song (2015), Whistle and Hum (2013), Love is Just a Word (2014),The Funny Thing (2014), Einey Meiny Miney Mo(2010), Solar Panel (2010).


Song and Supper Rooms

“Rewind a bit there and you’ll notice we said ‘singer and ukulele player’. Yes, Song and Supper Rooms are the spiritual heirs to George Formby, but George Formby if he wrote self-consciously wry ditties about Emperor Claudius’ wayward wife, WWII planes crashing into mountainsides or prostitutes in 19th Century cinemas…” Nightshift Jan 2017. Catchy melodies, eclectic subject matter and a nod to old-fashioned music hall from a ukulele-driven three-piece.

Oxford-based band performing original songs with ukulele/vocals, bass and cajon.


Tom Hood and The Tropical Sons

Tonite at Trader Toms is my latest release and takes you into my Tiki Rock genre. I play 4 and 8 string ukuleles and harmonica on this CD and joining me are Peter Grace on Spanish Guitar, Tenor and Baritone Uke and Vinnie Mungo on Bass,Percussion, Keyboards, Special Effects. The songs have been written on the road including my travels to Mexico and the Bahamas.

The you tube videos are from The 2018 World Ukulele Day Concert in Dunedin FL and TBUG17


Tiki Tornado

Tiki Tornado, a.k.a. Niels Woldberg. Tiki is on a mission. The mission is to bring unconditioned love and peace into this world and amplify positive energy so we can all rid ourselves of the arbitrary conditions bestowed upon us by the societies, that only cause devisions where there really aren’t any. We are all one. We are all connected. We are love in our purest form. Every one of us is a beautiful ukulele song.


Chris Wilson Ukulele

Chris Wilson is an Artist composer Ukulele.
He make Master class and Workshop all over the world with his technics.
Like Children and people for share and Jam.
Long time ago he play and teach the art for show.



Chrissy playing 2005. An original on ukulele

The following is a true story….

Once upon a time, in a country far away lived a little girl with a little red radio. At night she’d jump in bed, pull the covers over her head, and listen to her favorite artists. Sometimes she’d imagine herself on stage with them.

She raided her mother’s jazz collection and watched film musicals. She pulled a decorative guitar off the wall, restrung it, and taught herself to play. She performed in theatre, played on radio, started a band and toured, and wandered around the globe. She read tarot, and went to University to study music.

Many years later, she discovered a good portable instrument for the gypsy soul – the ukulele. She sold all her belongings  and joined a tribe called the Melbourne Ukulele Kolective in her native country of Australia. She played the likes of Hamer Hall and the Sydney Road Music Festival and appeared on Channel 7 News.

Then, the not so little girl embarked on her biggest adventure yet by moving to Los Angeles. She pet sit in a mansion overlooking the San Gabriel mountains and started a solo career and YouTube ukulele channel.

Chrissy has come a long way from her country town roots among snakes and kangaroos and now she’s exploring the USA. Join her for a night of indie pop inspired songs, rearrangements you’ve never heard before, and a good yarn or two.