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Matt Hicks


Matt Hicks has been writing and performing songs longer than he cares to admit. He writes and performs on both guitar and ukulele but it is his original songs on the uke which has recently propelled him into the spot light. He finds it difficult fitting into convention and so can often be heard playing his uke as it thinks its a banjo reflecting Matts love of Americana and the bluegrass, country traditions. His main influences range from Tom Waits, Crowded house to Townes Van Zandt.

Over the last year he has been working closely with Alan Thornton despite the very large pond that sits between their houses. Matt takes Alan’s lyrics, tweaks occasionally and then encases them into a melody and structure resulting in an increasing catalogue of songs. At some point in the near future Pancho (what Alan calls Matt) and Lefty (what Matt calls Alan) hope to share a stage and blurt their songs out together. Matt’s youtube page can be found here:

All news of Matt’s gigs and adventures can be found on his Facebook page at:


UkeBaby Kim

UkeBaby Kim is a Singer, Songwriter, NEWbie ukulele player banging on a Luna High Tide acoustic-electric, and lover of all things sappy! Hoping to encourage *everyone* with her journey of self-learning to play an instrument after many failures! 🙂 Her journey began March, 2016 and while she doesn’t feel comfortable, as of yet, giving any sort of advice, her biggest goal is to encourage everyone needing a little pick-me-up through mostly original, simple, pop tunes and easy lyrics. Ukulele soup for the soul. 🙂 Come follow her at:


The Small Change Diaries

The Small Change Diaries are an acoustic ensemble dedicated to created original acoustic music for the head and heart. The band was formed in 2014 and released the debut album “Adam blames Eve” in 2015 and “Protest Songs” EP in 2016. We are passionate about creating original music using the very best acoustic instruments to create the very best sounds both on recorded material and in live settings.

You can find us on Facebook, ITunes, Twitter, Spotify and Bandcamp.

See the latest movie short of Birdman below –

Nick Cody Vocals, ukulele and other instruments, Jessica Bowie, Ukulele and other instruments, Adrian Knowles Double bass and U – Bass, Rich Ferdinando percussion

Many of the tracks from the debut album have already been played on BBC Introducing and this is what Alan Raw had to say

“It’s an interesting sound, it’s good, I like what they are doing!”

Nick Ahad hearing “There’s only one of you” live on BBC Radio Leeds May 2016 commented

“That was beautiful, thank you so much!”

Respected musician Phil Doleman after being sent a preview copy of “Protest Songs” made the following comments

“The Small Change Diaries have a really tight, sweet sound that’s immediately recognisable.  On ‘Protest Songs’ they manage to fit in more ideas, musical and lyrical, in four songs than most manage on a full-length album with inventive arrangements and smart lyrics”


BUY The Small Change Diaries debut album Adam Blames Eve and Protest Songs EP HERE




We Tigers

We Tigers is a musical husband and wife duo from the Netherlands. Michael plays ukulele, bass and brushes, Saskia glockenspiel, vibraphone and whatever toys are floating around. They like their songs short and sweet.

Michael has been making music since the nineties in several lo-fi and ambient bands and projects. Saskia has been writing lyrics for other artists. In 2012 they joined forces and started recording videos together. It started out as a youtube project, but slowly they started to leave their sofa studio to share their music on stage. We Tigers provide warm songs for chilly afternoons and sultry tunes for summer evenings.

Though the majority of their work is based on new arrangements of existing songs, Saskia and Michael enjoy creating their own songs. Together as We Tigers, or Michael on his own as Me Tigers.

Influences are wide and varied. From forties jazz through fifties armchair travel music via sixties and seventies Italian and French movie soundtracks to eighties and nineties indie.
Currently Blossom Dearie, Arthur Lyman, Gustavo Santaollalla, Harmonia and Jim O’Rourke are in heavy rotation on the home stereo set.

You can find us at:


Paul Cameron

Mostly I’m a Scottish Dad & Partner, I do digital things, make films, take photos and write stuff … occasionally, when I can, I do songs.

I’ve been playing the uke since 2011-12ish, but I had been playing the guitar averagely for years …. and years. I got into uke songwriting via a competition on the Omega Music Facebook page. In 2013 they ran a uke song writing competition on the theme of “Summer”, I wrote a song, it was the first one I had ever written, recorded it and it came second in the competition and I was hooked. So I set myself an aim of trying to write 10 songs that I was sort of happy with … not there yet.

Generally I prefer darker songs, so its bit of a battle working against the innate tweeness of a uke. Singer/Songwriters I like include: Iron and Wine, Kathryn Joseph, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Beck, but I also like Chic, Slaves, and a bunch of other stuff including electronica … Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin.

Use a mobile phone and record stuff quickly, the number of times I’ve thought of a tune or lyric that I liked and I think I will easily remember …. and I don’t.

Record things because you might end up using them in a different song.

It is a good idea to record your song to share on youtube and a like because I find it forces you to hone them. But if you are doing a recording of a song to share … really learn it well.

Try and push yourself to try different things, different strums, patterns, ukes, different ways of singing things.

I work on song lyrics while walking, I turn over phrases again and again in my head.

It can be good to work to a brief, a theme or a deadline. That’s why I think competitions are good. It can be very hard starting from nothing. Deadlines force me to do things, a brief stops my mind wondering off and getting over whelmed by that feeling of “what will this song be about then”.

Write stuff down, phrases, words, lines, you might use them later … you might not, that’s okay.

Don’t be too precious about your songs, don’t be afraid to really chop them up.


Rita et Messieurs Martin

Rita et Messieurs Martin is a french combo who plays original french songs in the spirit of parisian Rive Gauche Chanson.

Bertrand Blandin: Double bass
Julien Huet: Voice, accordion, guitar
Eric Marchienne: Voice, ukuleles, banjo, whashboard, Hawaiian guitar
Valérie Lemerre Charlot: Voice, ukulele, chromatic concertina

The songs are four-handed written by Eric and Valérie. Each one performs in his own ukulele-based band too. They worked together in this project for three years.

Our influences are a mix of American old swing, French gipsy swing and “Rive gauche” songwriters of 40’s/50’ period ( Charles Trenet, Boris Vian…), also a touch of Hawaiian swing style. And the last word: all the bands who explore vocal harmonies.

With a uke and three chords, you can write your first song very easily! Sure, the next will be better with more than three! Ukulele is perfect to have a catchy sound in several styles: all music from the half of the last century, and, of course all other modern music, because it is an instrument who gives you great freedom. But, to have a good song, it’s the same work for a uker or for a pianist or a guitarist, you have first to be coherent in your lyrics ideas and in your musical arrangements and always seek quality and harmony. Maybe it’s easier with a uke than with a piano because you can have happiness from the beginning of your practice!


Les Poupees Gonflees

We are a French female trio in the tradition of the French best Swing Cabaret.

From Swing to Tango, from Django to French Cancan… We deliver original songs based on vocal harmonies, with Ukulele, Accordion, UBass and Funny Percussions.

Polka dot dresses, entertaining staging, humour which speaks to women and makes men laugh, are our fondamentals.

We sing and play in France (festival de Jazz de Versailles, Paris ukulele festival), Spain (Saragossa), Belgium (Ukulele sur Meuse), Ireland (Ukulele Hooley festival), England (Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, Winchester Ukulele Festival), Tchec Republic (Czech Ukulele Festival)…

Mélodie: Voice, Ubass

Bebop: Voice , accordion, guitar

Valérie: Voice, ukulele, chromatic concertina

Valérie writes the songs.

Valérie: I started writing songs in the Poupées Gonflées style about seven years. The ukulele is prominent in our repertoire, I write all the songs with my uke.

Our influences are all good song writters, French (Gainsbourg, Trenet, Mireille et Jean Nohain… but also Django Reinhardt’music…), American (specially jazz and swing (Cole Porter…  all vocal trios in swing style) and all the musics we love! Tango, Bossa nova, African rythmes…

Don’t have no musical taboos whatsoever! If you can play honestly three chords, you can begin to write a good song! Personally, I write all the songs on the uke and check all vocal harmonies with the piano as I only have 2 vocal chords! Sometimes I write first the lyrics, sometimes first the music, there are no constants. Last advice: Never give up before finishing the song!





Bruno Renato

Hi! My name is Bruno Renato, I’m from Brazil. I love to write, sing and perform my own music in my ukulele.

I’m writing/performing original ukulele based music since September 2015, when I had my first contact with this amazing and happy musical instrument.

All my creations are based in real facts and in my own life experience. My soul and my heart are my main influences.

When I have some idea or inspiration about an original song, the first thing I do is try to write all the things that are burning in my mind (lyrics) somehow, without preoccupation about metric, rhymes etc. I used to first write lyrics and later try to put some melody and chords in my ukulele. I try to sing the words I wrote at the same time that the ideas of the melody are coming in my mind, always with the uke in my hands, strumming some basic rhythms, playing simple chords and trying to fit all the thing together. I used to record/film my try. Later, I return back in it as much as necessary to better my creation.

Contact Details for Bruno Renato Paschoal

YouTube Channel

 Facebook Fanpage:

Instagram: @br_paschoal

Twitter: @br_paschoal

Snapchat: @br_paschoal



Audrey Ukulele

Hi, i’ m Audrey Ukulele, This is the Youtube of my orginal song
The time is 3:34 and for making it I use one week.
My influences are “Sinfonico Honolulu” “Maurizio Colonna”.
My Advice for others ukulele players are the 3W :Writing, Waiting, make Wrong and restarted.


Alan Thornton – Throckmorton Ukulele Band

My name is Alan Thornton. I’ve been in an Americana-ish band in recent years but my wife Terri Thornton and I decided to strike out on our own to perform a wider range of music as a duo. Our goal is to become more like what Robert Fripp called a “small, mobile, intelligent unit”. So we play 4 hour long outdoor gigs at farmers markets, do house concerts, host and play open mics and generally hope to please the folks who happen to hear us.

My first songwriting and public performance was in College, sometime prior to 1976. Overly complex songs which were likely to confuse the listener at some point were my metier. Friends and family were the most likely audiences. I was lucky that they liked me for other reasons.

I enjoy Johnathon Coulton’s well constructed comic/satirical songs. He follows on, I think from They Might Be Giants and Loudon Wainwright III. Otherwise, I appreciate Hunter/Garcia compositions, Leonard Cohen and a fellow named Stew (See his excellent album the Naked Dutch Painter or his Broadway soundtrack “Passing Strange”.)

My current goal is to become nearly half a clever and musical as these folks.

I happen to think that the uke can play any song that any other instrument can or at least it can accompany one or more singers singing versions of our songs. It is simpler to play that the guitar and, coming from 30+ years of guitar playing, I can say that it is less intrusive to the writing process and more attuned to accompaning a simple melody and lyric. And, I think that is roughly where most songs should start. (Think of two people and a piano in Tin Pan Alley and you’ll have something of that idea in mind.)

Although I’m a computer guy by trade, I don’t do a lot with websites these days. I used to build them by hand when html was the only game in town.