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Christmas Steve

Christmas Eve Shoppers Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from Christmas Eve Shopping. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop leaving Christmas Shopping until the last minute. There are no dues or fees for CESA® membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. CESA® is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to shop early and help other Christmas Eve Shoppers to do the same.


Le Temps d’une Etincelle

Le Temps d’une Etincelle is a French band telling stories through french world songs. They write inspiring lyrics, and make the crowds dance with tight ukulele patterns and sharp percussion rhythms.

Live Concert :

Live session:


Joe Man Murphy

Joe Man Murphy is an Irish born Folk and Roots singer-songwriter and artist.
With vibrant influences from Paul Simon, John Butler, David Gray and The Eagles, Joe Man’s music has evolved to become a unique blend of its own. Growing up in Ireland, living in three countries and working over 50 jobs his tales are as unique as his family history.

Joe Man has performed at music festivals throughout Australia, including the National Folk Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Tablelands Folk Festival and Majors Creek Festival amongst many others.

Joe Man Murphy is known to most as a singer, guitarist and songwriter of highly successful Australian band The Timbers. Their high energy music has allowed them to share the stage and many festival line ups with acts such as John Butler Trio, Ball Park Music, The Pierce Brothers, Xavier Rudd and The Beards to name a few.

Joe Man has been writing music for over twenty years. For Joe Man music is an addiction, a constant companion and a freedom that shows through his music.
Many of his songs are life experiences, personal, humorous and truthful. The lyrics of the songs are accompanied by his unique guitar ability crossing many styles and boundaries to the sound it has become today.

Joe Man’s third solo album Happy Days will be released in March 2018. The album features 10 tracks celebrating stories of his upbringing surrounded by a large family of characters living life outside the establishment.


Holden Rivera

Holden Rivera is professional Ukuleleist / Instructor / Recording Artist in the North Bay Area. While enjoying the more traditional island sound of Ukulele, Holden is better known for his ability to bend genres while managing to make the Ukulele sound like anything but an Ukulele. Because of the heavy influence of world class non-ukulele players like Chris Thile (Mandolin), Julian Lage (Guitar) and Mateus Asato (Guitar) it isn’t uncommon to hear Holden fusing Bach with Radiohead, Radiohead with Bluegrass, Bluegrass with Gospel or Hawaiian, Ragtime, Jazz and or Hip Hop.


Michael Hensen

Here is the link to my recent single, It’s All Good! 🙂

It’s All Good was a single written for Myrtle Beach Downtown. It came about after meeting one of the local musicians at the oceanfront
after crashing his stage and playing a 45 minute set. Following my performance, a conversation about common influences like Sublime
led to Michael Francis saying I should write a beach oriented tune called It’s All Good. Shortly after, the song was released. I never did play
MB, but I still think about going back to perform the song for the town that never heard it! 🙂


Old Man´s Tale

Old Man´s Tale is a new finnish band started in summer 2017.
Bands unique sound is entirely build on ukuleles.
The songs drive from pop culture, history and some folklore as well.
Band started when Janne and Jarkko were working on a hole different project and asked Ilkka to come sing for them. Night at the studio quickly turned into a happy reunion because Janne and Ilkka haven´t seen each other in years.
Sometime in the evening Ilkka mentioned that he´s interested in ukulele and wanted to write some songs with Janne. Janne was also interested to write some music. Janne tried the ukulele for the first time in his life and was mesmerized by the instrument. This quickly gave some new ideas in the means of songwriting. Janne and Ilkka wrote few songs and wanted make a test recording in order to hear how the intstruments sounds like. They asked Jarkko to record it. It turned out to be “Odyssey of Alaska¨, our first single. Once we were rehearsing, Pasi came to visit and happened to hear our recording and was surprised about how good it sounded. Enough said, few day passed and Pasi had bought cajon and some percussions and was assembled percussions on “alaska”. We were sold and Pasi was “hired” as a drummer. In the meantime Jarkko ordered a bass ukulele. No drums without a bass. Old Man’s Tale was born.

Old Man´s tale is :

Ilkka Moilanen : Vocals , Tenor ukulele
Janne Hyvönen : Backing vocals, 8- string tenor ukulele
Jarkko Liukkonen : Bass ukulele
Pasi Moilanen : Cajon drums , percussions


Dean Greer

Hi, my name’s Dean Greer and I am a filmmaker with Greer Macjames Productions  ( It is very full on so in my spare time, and to relax, I write and perform stand-up comedy.
As part of my stand up routine I used to perform comedy songs on a keyboard but travelling around with a keyboard was very impractical so I decided to learn the Ukulele, a much smaller and more fun instrument to play. Being a man of large build and playing such a tiny instrument also added to the comedy so with that I fell in love.
I have been playing the Uke since December 2017 now so I still have a lot to learn but I make it work for me.
I love seeing people enjoying the songs I write and I hope you enjoy them too, thank you

Girl Friday

Hobart-born and Melbourne-based award winning* singer/songwriter Girl Friday (Tracey Hogue) will transport you to a different era. Her folk, jazz and blues sensibility evokes a sense of nostalgia, innocence and melancholy. Girl Friday’s rich, soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics remind us that people have felt and sung about the same things forever and a day. This calibre of songwriting never goes out of style.
*Winner of Roddy Read Songwriting Award, Maldon Folk Festival, 2016


Anna van Riel

Following the success of her 2014 Tui Nominated album “Whistle and Hum”, Award-winning Lake Hawea singer/songwriter Anna van Riel changed tack with a fun and interactive, toe tapping album, with a focus on supporting child development and interaction.
Having successfully toured her way across North America, with family in tow, Anna resourcefully engineered her own self-managed house concert circuit through sustainable and earth homes. Her passion for community and connecting with her audiences, has lead her on a musical journey that has been meaningful and unique.

When performing for her younger audiences, mother of two, Anna brings a wholesome, loving and encouraging air to her shows. She is also enthusiastic about sharing her sustainable approach to motherhood and music through song and dance.

Nominated Best Children’s Album and Best Children’s Song at the NZ Music Awards, the title track to Anna’s children’s album, “Cooking up a song”, also took out Best Song for Children at the Australian Songwriters Association awards in Sydney last year.

The album has recently taken her on an Off The Beaten Track tour in the Deep South where she visited children in remote areas.

Southland born, Anna is based in Lake Hawea with her husband and two children Matilda and Oscar.

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Discography: Cooking up a Song (2015), Whistle and Hum (2013), Love is Just a Word (2014),The Funny Thing (2014), Einey Meiny Miney Mo(2010), Solar Panel (2010).