What to watch out for in 2019 

2018 is almost concluded, so we thought we’d highlight a few things in “Uke world” to watch out for in 2019

Phil Doleman original album due 

Phil Doleman

Phil Doleman has been one of the leading lights in the ukulele world and has produced some excellent teaching materials essential for all ukulele players. In 2019 he is releasing an original album and we recommend  folks to watch out for it here

MUMF Festival 

There are many ukulele festivals around the world and especially in the UK. MUMF is a breath of fresh air in doing something different rather than repeating the same formula. Bravo and check out the festival HERE 

Geraldine Festival in NZ

I have been watching Fi and Hugh Mc Cafferty’s work from afar and blogged on Geraldine earlier this year. Without doubt they are pushing the boundaries in entertainment. Check them out HERE  

Matt Stead Workshops ukulele store

Matt Stead has been key to creating some great learning opportunities with his Uke retreats. He also has an excellent store for instruments that makes him my number one choice in the UK with great quality and selection of instruments

Check him out HERE  

 Best Regards

Nick Cody

Founder of OUS

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