Writing Lyrics for original songs

As well as running the OUS platform, I am in two bands “The Small Change Diaries” and more recently “Nick Cody and The Caravan of Dreams” To date I have written 35 original songs, 25 with The Small Change Diaries and 10 with The Caravan of Dreams.

I remain fascinated by the writing process and my favorite artists all paid great attention to the lyrical content of their songs. When I hear music these days, I always think to myself “Would I be happy having written that?” Often lyrically much of what I hear would only be the first draft. I confess to being a fan of dark and often sad songs that talk about human relationships and behaviors. My favorite albums include “Blood on the Tracks” “Hejira” and “Nebraska” I’m also a big Richard Thompson fan, so my tastes are not exactly mainstream cheery music!

Often songs will be inspired by people I meet and or observations of human behavior. With The Small Change Diaries, examples include “Hey Rona”, “We’ll draw you out” and “Birdman” In all these instances I found that the best way to write was to allow ideas to simply flow and later wonder about editing. Often I’ll have notes scribbled on random bits of paper, and if I have one to hand, one of my moleskin diaries. I then transfer everything to my laptop and always back everything up in two locations for safety purposes. Sometimes I feel that songs are just nagging to get written and to be recorded. I always feel a huge psychological relief once a song is recorded, mixed and mastered. It’s as if the plan has finally landed!

I am lucky to be working with some amazing musicians and these folks often bring new ideas to the song’s arrangements. The first Caravan of Dreams album is much darker than anything I have done with The Small Change Diaries and I’m really pleased with what we have to date. All the songs are written on the ukulele, but the material is not all based around the ukulele. Its far more diverse and I am using a really diverse range of musicians. Some of the progress of the new album is detailed on www.nickcody.com for those interested

The BIG project that will launch in 2019 will be much more extensive than OUS and will be of great interest to those who have a great love of music.


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