Working behind the scenes on original ukulele songs

The next few months will involve a lot of behind the scenes work on phase 3 of Original Ukulele Songs. I have already been in meetings and discussions about this and more will be revealed later in 2016 and fully revealed in 2017. The idea for OUS was for a BIG project that would be more than just a social media presence and more than this website! As I have always said this isn’t “Nick Cody’s project” but rather “Our project” which belongs equally to all those involved at every level. The success of OUS is down to collaborations and explorations between artists.

From the moment I started writing with the ukulele I was totally convinced by how this tiny instrument could be used to create really excellent music. I am massively reassured that there are artists globally who have the same view and such artists will help change the stereotypical view that many have of the ukulele as a “novelty instrument!” One of the key aims of OUS is to gather together the best and most creative artists around and those who are interested in the pursuit of creating excellent original songs. I blogged about the pursuit of excellence here

OUS started last November and so far I have been really pleased with the enthusiasm and support from all those involved in the project!

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