We are live!

After a great deal of tweaking technology, we are now live here with this site being phase two of Original Ukulele Songs.

I know some folks have wondered what all the fuss is about on the Original Ukulele Songs Phase 1 FB page, BUT the Original Ukulele Songs Project was of course always going to be BIGGER than just adding a page on social media…

As already mentioned on the “about us page” phase two is not to be viewed in some hierarchical way in terms of song quality (and it’s definitely not like some X Factor where phase 2 is “the next round” to some imagined glory), but another ingredient in the whole OUS project. One of the criteria for artists  invited here are those who are really pushing the envelope lyrically and/or musically in terms of using the ukulele.

All ukulele artists creating and playing ORIGINAL ukulele based songs are welcome to apply online but not everyone will immediately make it onto this site!

I would personally like to thanks to all those artists who have contributed to this page to date  making it another exciting chapter in the bigger Original Ukulele Songs project.  I am literally blown away by the enthusiasm and quality of the material submitted and phase 3 of OUS will appear in 2017

Warm Regards

Nick Cody

Nick cody



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