Old Man Sitting By The Fire
Collaboration between Paul Cameron and Sean Hunt on OUS

UnTethered is a band of 7 players in the Lakes district of England. The members all live in Windermere or Kendal.
We started off as a trio and ‘three’ in the Cumbrian dialect is ‘tethera’ so we originally called ourselves Cumbrian Tethera.
We decided to change the name to UnTethered when we grew to seven. We are all retired and some are late-starters.
A few have been playing for around four years, others for many more years.
Instrumentally we are quite diverse: tenor ukuleles 8-string ukuleles, baritone ukuleles, banjolele, cajon, washboard, spoons, slide ukulele, harmonica.
The repertoire is also diverse, from Skiffle to Blues to British folk/pop, American country, from Georger Formby Chas n Dave, to John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.
Original songs written by band members account for nearly 20% of our repertoire.
Tony Hill – 8 string uke, tenor uke, banjolele, vocals, (occasional percussion as Tony used to be a drummer)
Andy Gillham – 8 string uke, tenor uke, vocals
Philip Hull – baritone uke, harmonica, vocals
Robin Andrews – slide blues uke, cajon, spoons, harmonica, vocals
Mick Brookes – Bass, vocals
Emily Reed – tenor uke, tambourine, shaker, vocals
Sean Hunt – baritone uke, vocals

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