UKE3 – Ukulele Adam, Evelyn and Big Fish

Ukulele Adam is the World’s Oldest Ukulele Player, having received his first ukulele by Divine Intervention. Before the ukulele, he had heard the birds sing and could whistle, but he didn’t really understand music.

Adam likes long walks on the beach and dogs. He is a jack of all trades but really enjoys carpentry. In his spare time he builds ukuleles. He used to play his uke on the beach in the moonlight when he was single. But since Evelyn washed up on the shore, he likes to play sing along songs with his seven kids around a beach fire. Evelyn likes to collect bottles that wash up on the beach and swim with the kids.

Together, they live in a coral house so Evelyn doesn’t get homesick. Adam built the house for her from the coral Evelyn crashed into (her fellow mermaids brought it to Adam).Her girlfriends stop by for fish tea and give the kids rides in the ocean.

Adam and Evelyn’s best friend is Da Big Fish. Adam met Big Fish a long time ago when he learned the meaning of Aloha. So when Big Fish isn’t out delivering Aloha to all the island worlds, he stops by to check up on the happy couple and their spawn.

Adam plays a tenor ukulele that suits his larger hands. Evelyn prefers a concert size uke. Of course, all the kids play soprano ukuleles, but there are a few percussionists in the family too.

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