The uke-connection by Mia Lotus

One of the things that fascinates me and that I like the most about the ukulele is how it connects people. Of course all instruments and all types of music have this power, but because of it’s characteristics, the ukulele makes this connection so easy in many ways!
 shimo ukuleleAs a multi-instrumentalist I have had the chance to know many different types of “communities” virtual and real, of different types of players, instruments and styles. I started piano at 4, played in punk bands as a teen, I was trained in classical and jazz guitar at university, I sang in choirs, played in all kinds of bands, created electronic music, met with the banjo, harp, cello, and even dulcimer communities on the net…. But nothing could ever prepare me for the ukulele folks!!
 Peace, Love, Ukulele…  it says it all… After having been through the crazy punk rock scene, and to the other extreme: the rigidity and competition of the classical music world, to meet with the ukulele community was like a breeze of fresh air!
 What is it about the ukulele that makes it so special? First it is so easy to learn: anyone can play a C chord, and most people can pick up a ukulele for the first time and play a song under a hour: how amazing and fun is that!
 It’s so small and you can carry it anywhere, jam with anyone anytime! Because it is so small you can have many people together in the same room playing together, that would not be possible with the guitar and it’s longer neck. That is why you have so many ukulele clubs and not many guitar clubs!
 The ukulele sounds really great when played in gang: when everyone plays together the acoustic volume of the ukulele make it possible to hear yourself along with the rest. I have hear someone say that even if half the people in his ukulele club can’t get the right note, it still sounds great! I have experienced that in my ukulele club, it is true, and I believe it has to do with the acoustic qualities of the uke. Not all instruments would give the same results: can you imagine how would sound a club of banjo or violin, especially if most people were beginners? I like to imagine how would be bagpipe clubs or harp clubs… How would the world be today if noseflute clubs were popular instead of ukulele clubs?
 The ukulele brings the fun of playing music together possible to people of all levels and all ages. Even kids and old people who never played an instrument before can learn the ukulele easily. This creates a climate of fun and family.
People of all levels get together for the fun of playing music in group!
From what I’ve seen and experienced, the motivation of those people is much greater than if they were alone. People share their knowledge of chords and other techniques and the progress is sometimes so impressive in little time!
 This climate of fun and family that emerged from the uke clubs can also be seen on the net! The ukulele community is probably one of the most fun and active community of players on the internet: they share videos, scores, knowledge in a climate of fun and no competition that naturally emerged from the “real” ukulele club to the “virtual” ones: the forums, Facebook groups, and sites like this very fine one.
 It fascinates me to see people from all over the world sharing their love for the ukulele and connecting online and communicating easily with the help of translators now.
Now we can even see the people play live on our phone  or tablet, from across the planet, with the help of technology. Then those virtual connection sometimes becomes real! I have seen ukulele bands travel around the world, with minimal equipment, at minimal cost, using their network and connections over the world to find them gigs and places to stay. The ukulele folks are always fun, open and welcoming, and all over the world you can now find this feeling of the big ukulele family!
I think this is a beautiful phenomenon and it is indeed very well resumed in the phrase:  Peace, Love, Ukulele!!
 Let’s spread the love of music and, the fun of playing together, and take over the world one uke at the time!

4 Responses to The uke-connection by Mia Lotus

  1. Bruno Renato 20th August 2016 at 1:29 am #

    Excellent article!!

  2. nick cody 20th August 2016 at 7:41 am #

    Yes I agree 100%!

  3. Mia lotus 9th September 2016 at 12:08 pm #

    This article was shared on facebook 56 times!! Woa!! I should have worked a bit more on typos haha

  4. Caran 10th September 2016 at 12:18 am #

    I love my ukulele family. We are a very diverse group , all ages, ethnicity, color but our love of strumming and singing is a mighty tight bond. You cannot be sad for long playing a uke. All are welcome. Fun and music! What could be better???????????????

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