Sarah Kelly

My Name is Sarah Kelly.

I have been writing on ukulele since 2009, when I received my first ukulele, a concert Tenor, “Phoebe” by the Portuguese company, Carvahlo. It was disguised as a motorbike seat for my husbands motorbike…and it was a complete surprise. It had a drop G and the info, online, as regards tuning was sparse, at the time so, for a while, I tuned it the same as a guitar… OOOER!! I was afraid that the strings would snap… all was well in the end, though and after 6 months I had moved into standard (c) tuning, with a dropped G… but then I needed a standard soprano….”Jack”… shortly after that I needed an electric traveller concert Tenor by Kala, “Foxy”…. and then I just kept going…with Elvis, Ollie, Rex, Jack 2, ….I daren’t continue as my obsessive insanity will become patently obvious… I now have 18 that I perform with… but not at the same time… and 54 more, with stickers on,that I take to festival/ pub workshops, that I use to teach people basic chords and Rock and Roll classics on. 20 minutes and they are “rocking out”.

My influences are Kate Bush, Tom Waits, Steve Earle, Annie Lennox, Jackie Oates, “Squeeze’s” Glen Tillbrook, and Billie Holliday, The smooth cleverness of Sammy Cahn who wrote so many smashes for Frank Sinatra and songs sung by Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald and the clever speed and gunfire quickness of the lyrics sung by George Formby and the wittiness of Jake Thackray, Noel Coward and Tom Lehrer.

Tips for others:

Let your song be a heartfelt celebration/ truth/ observation/ confession/hymn of praise/ lament that really means something to your own soul. If it means something to you, it may JUST touch another person and add something to the perception of the world, or their predicament… you may make someone else not feel so alone in their life. you may make another person accept and love themselves more and be kinder to themselves. Writing songs is so important… some songs can really heal or help others lift their spirits and laugh out loud.

People can find out more about me via Sarah Kelly, on Facebook. also UKE-CAN Ukulele Lessons on Facebook.

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  1. Valérie Lemerre Charlot 25th June 2017 at 12:55 am #

    My favourite uke lady!

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