Rita et Messieurs Martin

Rita et Messieurs Martin is a french combo who plays original french songs in the spirit of parisian Rive Gauche Chanson.

Bertrand Blandin: Double bass
Julien Huet: Voice, accordion, guitar
Eric Marchienne: Voice, ukuleles, banjo, whashboard, Hawaiian guitar
Valérie Lemerre Charlot: Voice, ukulele, chromatic concertina

The songs are four-handed written by Eric and Valérie. Each one performs in his own ukulele-based band too. They worked together in this project for three years.

Our influences are a mix of American old swing, French gipsy swing and “Rive gauche” songwriters of 40’s/50’ period ( Charles Trenet, Boris Vian…), also a touch of Hawaiian swing style. And the last word: all the bands who explore vocal harmonies.

With a uke and three chords, you can write your first song very easily! Sure, the next will be better with more than three! Ukulele is perfect to have a catchy sound in several styles: all music from the half of the last century, and, of course all other modern music, because it is an instrument who gives you great freedom. But, to have a good song, it’s the same work for a uker or for a pianist or a guitarist, you have first to be coherent in your lyrics ideas and in your musical arrangements and always seek quality and harmony. Maybe it’s easier with a uke than with a piano because you can have happiness from the beginning of your practice!

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