Rita Braga

Rita Braga (Lisbon, 1985) is a singer, performer and multi-instrumentalist. She performs solo and sometimes collaboratively an unusual repertoire of songs in over ten languages, and well as original compositions and soundtracks.

She has also a background in the visual arts, doing illustration and animation, and a degree in Music Sciences.

For the past ten years she has performed across Europe, the US and in Brazil in numerous clubs, art galleries and festivals.

In 2011 she released her critically acclaimed debut album “Cherries That Went To The Police” (produced by Bernardo Devlin) after 3 CD-Rs with low-fi home recordings. Her latest self-released work is the EP “Gringo in São Paulo” (2015) and is comprised of original songs written and recorded while living in Brazil.

She’s had many collaborations with artists such as Bernardo Devlin, Martha Colburn, Borts Minorts, Nik Phelps, Felix Kubin, Dorit Chrysler, Uni and Her Ukelele, Amanda Jo Williams, Victor Coyote or The Legendary Tigerman. Since 2008 she started a long distance collaboration with Chris Carlone as “Chips and Salsa”, with whom she has toured in the US and Portugal.

She draws inspiration from dreams, from the city where she lives (currently Porto), 1930’s cartoons, Billy Wilder’s cinema and cosmic divas such as MM, Violetta Villas, Carmen Miranda, Marika Rökk, Annikki Tähti or Esma Redzepova.

In September and October 2016 Rita Braga was a Styria Artist-in-Residence in Graz, Austria, where she composed a minimal ukulele pop operetta entitled “A Quantic Dream”, which was performed at the end of the residency period.

Her song “Erosão” featured the compilation “Eurnovision 2016”, representing Portugal on the second edition of this European selection of underground artists.

Rita Braga has performed in a few ukulele festivals such as Kukulele 2015 in Finland, the Czech Ukulele Festival in 2016 and the Polish Ukulele Festival in 2017.

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  1. Valérie Lemerre Charlot 24th June 2017 at 8:56 pm #

    Rita Braga is a great performer and a great musician! I love this original song, very beautiful melody, very tasty musical arrangement. I love this girl!

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