OUS studio for recording – Interview with Richard Sabey

About Richard Sabey and The Woolpack an OUS approved recording studion

Richard Sabey has run the Woolpack Music Studios, a multi-purpose arts hub
in the centre of Otley, since 2011. As well as high quality recording and
rehearsal facilities, the Studios also host a variety of community and youth
music projects and ensembles run by Richard and his colleague Jennifer Birch
(well known in the ukulele world in both her own name and also as Astraluna-
whose album The Pass of Storms was recorded and produced at the Studios)-
such as ukulele, guitar, song-writing, music production and technology

Since starting his community arts career in 1998 Richard has
specialised in delivering music projects for young people and for community
groups of all ages as well as schools, education authorities and charities.
Projects are usually designed to be accessible to people who may not have
much previous musical experience, as well as developing and nurturing
musical talent. Projects often involve enabling people to create their own
music and often make use of music technology.

Richard has worked extensively
with people with a variety of backgrounds and needs – such as with young
people and adults with disabilities (learning or physical), mental health
support groups, drug/alcohol dependent adults, and prisoners.