The Naughty Corner Ukulele Band

The Naughty Corner Ukulele Band are a three piece outfit based in Worcester. They are all-singing, all-strumming, toe-tapping Ukulele players with a diverse songbook. The band formed at the start of 2015 primarily as a group of buskers to raise money for a band member to run the London Marathon. However repeated offers to play gigs, festivals and weddings encouraged them to commit more time to performing. Regular appearances at local venues and on the streets of Worcester have gained the band an enthusiastic following in the town and on social media.

Last year the band released their well received debut CD entitled “Ukulele Fundamentalists” playing much of it live at high profile events such as the Severn Sounds Festival, WestFest and the Worcester Music Festival.

Here are some of our recent original songs on YouTube.

Lost for words
Love my hats
First world problems
Changing Behaviour

You can also find us at:

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