Mark Psmith

I am Mark Psmith, purveyor of tuneful whimsical ukulele flim-flam. I live in Derbyshire and can be spotted performing at open mic spots and the odd jam session – I aspire to regular gigging schedule! For a couple of decades, I devoted myself to playing the saxophone, but always felt something was missing. It turned out the sax is deficient in two ways: 1) you can’t sing at the same time, and 2) you can’t write songs on it. I picked up the uke in 2011 and have scarce put it down since, and much as I love to do cover versions, the real thrill is to be found in writing my own songs. People have said my work is reminiscent of Beirut or the Beautiful South. I tend to think of myself as floating somewhere within a triangle formed by Gilbert O’Sullivan, Burt Bacharach and the Magnetic Fields.

I have released three full-length albums (Nouns of Quality at Wholesale Prices, Lunch, and Leave It To Me), plus two EPs (Six of One / Half a Dozen of The Other), which can be downloaded from iTunes, Google and Amazon, and streamed on Spotify.

My real surname is Smith, but the additional silent P makes it easier to find me on the internet. It’s also a form of tribute to the greatest of all writers, P G Wodehouse.

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  1. Mari 15th October 2017 at 10:16 am #

    “purveyor of tuneful whimsical ukulele flim-flam”… wow, now that’s a description… and it certainly holds true! really like what i hear.

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