Keith Lightfoot

Keith Lightfoot writes about life, love, family, home and heaven.

His words and his music describe what many people feel and what most are reluctant to talk about. Keith’s stage presence is well documented and his ability to immediately connect with his audience has people tapping their feet and singing along even if they have not heard his songs before.

When he was seventeen years old Keith learnt to play the ukulele and the guitar. Music education came via live rock concerts, excessively loud parties, treasured vinyl records and ridiculously oversized bedroom based speakers. Keith is a songwriter, a musician, a singer, an author and a powerful motivational speaker.

Keith’s ukulele training videos and speaking videos are popular on youtube and using his enthusiastic attitude he has performed live and inspired audiences locally and internationally.

In recent times he has crafted a ukulele based genre of music using personal experiences to share his heart and to pose deeply emotional questions. Keith is an Endorsed Artist for Boulder Creek Guitars (Riptide Ukuleles).

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