João Tostes Trio

With an unprecedented work in the country, João Tostes has been perfecting himself in the ukulele, at the same time that he develops his authoral work, helps the growing brazilian ukulele community, besides giving workshops and making shows, already scheduled for Czech Republic Ukulele Festival in July, this year.

What was a solo work became a duo, with Diogo Fernandes on the acoustic bass, then trio, with one of João Tostes master’s, Felipe Moreira on the keyboard.

João graduated, like Diogo, in Bituca – University of Popular Music, with the masters Ian Guest, Gilvan de Oliveira, the own Felipe Moreira and the group Ponto de Partida.

The ukulele is the starting point for the development of songs in different styles, from lullabies, through dances, to choro and maxixe inspired by great brazilian composers.

While the songs are created, the trio presents their own songs and makes versions of remarkable songs in the history of world music, privileging artists respected by critics, always valuing the brazilian music.

João’s work extends nationally through his project called “Toca Ukulele”, one of the largest projects related to the ukulele in Latin American, having already started the “Global” version, still to be released all over the world.

João got even more respect and admiration after being endorsed by an Italian string company (Aquila Strings), and another American instrument maker (Ohana Ukuleles). He also works in the development of products related to the ukulele of the national industry.

Diogo Fernandes studied and specialized at Bituca for 8 years, having studied in the same institution with Ivan Corrêa and Enéias Xavier, and will finish this semester his graduation in Music by UFSJ (Federal University of São João del-Rei), and was recently endorsed by the national instrument manufacturer, Marquês Musical .

Felipe Moreira graduated in music from UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) and teaches piano, keyboard, musical perception and joint practice at Bituca – University of Popular Music, having already participated in countless recordings and shows, with artists such as Milton Nascimento, Amaranto, Lincoln Cheib, Renato Teixeira, Armandinho etc.

The trio is intensely united in search of authentic songs, presenting innovative arrangements, created with great care and love, providing a full and contagious musical experience to the listeners.

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  1. João Tostes 13th May 2017 at 5:26 am #

    Thank you guys, you are amazing. Cheers!

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