The International dimension to OUS

I was thinking recently about how original Ukulele Songs has need become an international project. Ten months ago when I set up the original FB page I didn’t know what to expect. Now we have over 2200 members on the Original Ukulele Songs Facebook platform and 30 artists from all over the globe with their own showcased page. As well as the UK, OUS has reached the USA, Canada, Brazil, France, China, Australia, Holland and many other countries. We will be adding new artists to this page as well as unveiling new parts of the site in the near future.

The next initiative that is part of the global OUS project is to encourage collaborations between artists. This is already happening on the main FB page and we already have some fascinating results, including collaborations from artists in entirely different countries. This international dimension to OUS will become more apparent as time goes by.
When different artists work together, it can make for some really magical results. In 2017 I’ll be unveiling phase 3 of Original Ukulele Songs which again will further evolve many of the existing OUS themes as well as creating new opportunities for creative development.

I have always stated that Original Ukulele Songs is a BIG project and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to post material and to make the OUS FB page and main site such great places to visit!
Warm Regards
Nick Cody


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