Would I like my own music? – Bernd Holzhausen

As I started to think about writing songs, while writing a poem, I sat in a park on a bench. On the other side was a poem in French painted on a bench. My French is really bad, cause after learning it at school I never used it but after some minutes I was able to translate it. It was more or less similar like a poem I wrote years before where I was with a Venezuelan girl. And it was about wind, sky, feelings. I feel like a flower in the wind and you are the wind to me.

But the hell, when I write things like that and I feel like that why am I listening to all that music in the radio or on tv. I stopped listening in those days and started to listen newly.

Again Tom Waits jumped on my mind stage and I listened to his music, then French chanson singers, like Edith Piaf, and folk music from old times, like medieval songs or songs from the 20s and 30s and the translation to these lyrics where important to me. So I read them and started to write my first stumbling lyrics for my own songs. Then I read about Bob Dylan where he said something like: find your own flow. So I started to try. First on the bass guitar which was really hard doing it, cause I wasn’t able to speak or sing playing bass guitar. Something that I never overcame all the years. So the uke came on my stage and I learned to play. Until today sometimes the uke is a bass to me, while playing. But it never stopped me singing or speaking to what I want to do. After writing songs and listen to my songs I asked myself if I would listen to my own music.

Nowadays I would answer YES, but in the beginning I said NO. I think it is important to make recordings of yourself doing the music and singing or speaking to be able to correct your lyrics, your intonation on the instrument and the flow you are in. Listening to my music gave me somehow the understanding of my approach to swing, to stomp with the uke, to sing so that the instrument is grabbing attention cause of its percussive approach aside the notes and my voice is doing what I know it can do. I listened again to the recordings and found that the percussive approach isn’t hearable on the recording. So I performed with a microphone that took the percussion too. And see there I was listening to myself and smiling.

Writing music starts that I became a listener to the lyrics of others songs. And it opened a dimension to listen to music that I didn’t know I would like to listen to. In my case as I bound myself to German lyrics I find myself listening to old German folk songs and really find inspirations in doing that.

I learned to like music newly and every time I listen to something I learn to explore my own songs differently.

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  1. Kristy 20th July 2017 at 7:11 pm #

    Yes.. it’s a process.. I listen to my music all the time now..but not much of my early stuff

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