Hau Yi Tsai

Hau Yi Tsai is a ukulele performer/arranger/composer/instructor from Taiwan. She is also a Chinese Pipa performer, too.

Hau Yi started her musical journey when she was 6, on her first instrument, piano. Then she grew an interest for Chinese music when she was 10. So she choosed the Pipa for her major instrument to study at the Chinese music program from The National Taiwan University of Arts. When she graduated, she started to play ukulele and fell in love with this amazing instrument. Now she is a very active uke player who just won the 5th International ukulele contest. And her original song: “The Ships Log” is also the winner and will be playing at the Kazoo radio for one year.

Hau Yi’s musical style is very unique and diverse and different from any other ukulele player. She use lots of Chinese musical scale and techniques from Chinese Pipa. Her musical imagery is influenced from classical music composers like Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Daniel Ho, Benny Chong and Abe Lagrimas Jr’s music are her mentors for ukulele playing. Besides the ukulele, Hau Yi writes and arrange music for local bands and Chinese music ensemble in Taiwan. She is also a Pipa player at the jazz band, Brain Storming Arts, which join lots of music festivals in Taiwan.

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