Gollagher Ross

GOLLAGHER ROSS are a Brisbane, Australia based ukulele / cello duo who perform a lively and eclectic blend of original and traditional roots music.

Featuring a gorgeous combination of sparkling ukulele rhythms and virtuosic cello accompaniment, their recordings and live shows are punctuated by a unique cocktail of varied instrumentals and show stopping, powerful vocals.

The duo are regular feature artists at the Ukes @ the Winery Festival and were also recent performers at The Newcastle, Blue Mountains, and Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festivals.

Trevor Gollagher (ukulele) and Elizabeth Ross (cello) are both long-time professional musicians, their creative partnership was born of happenstance; a casual conversation led to an exchange of ideas and the duo was formed in September of 2013.

The union of cello and ukulele, though unusual, even improbable, has proved to be the defining characteristic of GOLLAGHER ROSS
Two wonderful musicians. A timely collusion of creative vision. A fearless approach to songwriting convention. GOLLAGHER ROSS have fast built up a strong profile on the National stage which continues to grow.

Here is a little about both Trevor Gollagher & Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Ross

An actor/singer and musician, Elizabeth has worked in a variety of creative art fields.

Co-creator of national award winning cabaret duo “WIT”,

lead singer of disco funk band “Bumpskool” based in Osaka, Japan and worked with La Boite Theatre in “Kitchen Diva” as the cabaret singing, dead mother, “Dinah”.

Trevor Gollagher

Trevor comes from a professional touring Drummer/Percussionist background. He is a multi award winning musician receiving industry awards for “Best Live Performance, Best Album, and Best New Group, both in Qld and nationally. He has toured extensively around the country and has played on numerous Cd’s and music session projects.

Youtube -https://youtu.be/KdB7McaBClk?list=PLliyBz_EML66Y9PTNdc_V3mhH6Xp38LOL

Website – http://gollagherross.weebly.com

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