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Chris Wilson Ukulele

Chris Wilson is an Artist composer Ukulele.
He make Master class and Workshop all over the world with his technics.
Like Children and people for share and Jam.
Long time ago he play and teach the art for show.



Chrissy playing 2005. An original on ukulele

The following is a true story….

Once upon a time, in a country far away lived a little girl with a little red radio. At night she’d jump in bed, pull the covers over her head, and listen to her favorite artists. Sometimes she’d imagine herself on stage with them.

She raided her mother’s jazz collection and watched film musicals. She pulled a decorative guitar off the wall, restrung it, and taught herself to play. She performed in theatre, played on radio, started a band and toured, and wandered around the globe. She read tarot, and went to University to study music.

Many years later, she discovered a good portable instrument for the gypsy soul – the ukulele. She sold all her belongings  and joined a tribe called the Melbourne Ukulele Kolective in her native country of Australia. She played the likes of Hamer Hall and the Sydney Road Music Festival and appeared on Channel 7 News.

Then, the not so little girl embarked on her biggest adventure yet by moving to Los Angeles. She pet sit in a mansion overlooking the San Gabriel mountains and started a solo career and YouTube ukulele channel.

Chrissy has come a long way from her country town roots among snakes and kangaroos and now she’s exploring the USA. Join her for a night of indie pop inspired songs, rearrangements you’ve never heard before, and a good yarn or two.


Pete SoHuman

Pete SoHuman is the stage name and philosophy for the musical creations of Pierre “Pete” Schumann. I write songs that range from folk to blues, Americana and country. The overall message is one of humanity, love and hope. Ukulele based music (Tenor/baritone) with occasional harmonica. I perform solo mostly, but do sometimes perform in duos and by groups.


Christopher Davis-Shannon

Christopher Davis-Shannon’s music is the essence of honest simplicity. Bringing together influence ranging from Fats Waller to Chet Baker, he creates an atmosphere that will instantly transport you back to jazz clubs, and speakeasies of the early 20th century. Not Content being labelled a traditionalist, he forges ahead breathing new life into old classics, weaving together a sound that is enjoyed by both young and old.

As a multi-Instrumentalist, songwriter, and educator, based in Philadelphia, Davis-Shannon maintains a steady tour schedule with his own music as well as a sideman for various acts. He brings to the stage not just the pure joy of music, but a vast knowledge of the history behind the songs that he holds close to his heart. His intricate instrumental work and plaintive vocals are infused with soulfulness which cannot be faked, and a respect for his predecessors which is rarely equaled.


Faster Than Sane (Liz Singer)

Liz Singer has been writing and recording original music under the name Faster Than Sane since 2010. Her thoughtful acoustic songs are a mix of ukulele and guitar tracks, with honest, reflective lyrics that strive to connect with others’ experiences. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Liz is currently in New Zealand playing around Auckland whenever possible, and has also performed with the Mighty Ukes of Wellington and the ukulele trio, HoopLAH.



Unexpected Ukulele Songs

My name is Derek Reynolds and I live in Portland OR. I have just released an album based on the premise that the uke is a valid singer-songwriter instrument that could be given more respect and used much more adventurously than it is. Not a toy, not a gimmick but an amazing freeing songwriter’s tool. Eddie Vedder, Florence Welch, Bruno Mars, Vance Joy, Kimie Miner, Train… etc there are so many great examples of people writing great songs on the ukulele and I get frustrated by the standard pyrotechnics, overly mellow cover versions or silly songs that tend to be the mainstay of ukulele artists. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I am definitely trying to go the other way.

Here is my standard bio:
I have been a professional bass player and songwriter since I was 14 playing in the Midwest, Los Angeles and finally Portland. Along the way I have done Alt Rock, World Beat, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Funk, Jazz, even a little Metal and Country but it was always a group experience and I was always the bass player holding down the groove, I was comfortable there. But after my last couple of bands had annoying negative endings I decided it was too much hassle (and time) and retired to the daily grind and adventuring with my wife. Within a year I was jonesing for a musical outlet and had the idea to buy a cheap ukulele and learn That’s All (cheesy I know) for my wife to be played during our 18th anniversary adventure trip. By the time we went I knew 12 songs. A year later I wrote 2 songs for our anniversary and started playing open mics. The rest is future history as I push the musical boundaries of the ukulele and try to forge a new path. I bring all of my influences into the music I’m writing and my new originals are some of the best songs I’ve ever written. They never fail to entertain or surprise people as well as the eclectic covers I take on. So follow along and see where it all goes… cause I have no idea.

Reference material?

Hope that was too much info. 🙂


Tom Griffin

Tom Griffin is an Oxford-based singer songwriter of his own self-styled “Urban Folk-Blues”. Tom’s main influences range from the Delta, Ragtime, Hokum and Piedmont Blues, to artists such as Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Civl Wars and Lead Belly. Through Tom’s fascination in the history steeped in music dating back to the turn of the twentieth century, he began listening to early-blues ukulele players such as Joe Linthecome, Rabbit Muse and Roy Smeck. Tom has found a love for the ukulele and it has now become a staple and popular part of his live repertoire. “When the Dust Settles”, Tom’s first originally written ukulele song is an instrumental piece which he recorded at home and has released as a free download on his website,


Sot Otter (Shrew)


Based in the Highlands of Scotland, singer/songwriter Sot Otter. Joins with shrewsister Anne Wood to form Shrew.
To join our mailing list or for details of Shrew gig dates, email us at or find us on Facebook @shrewmusic


Rocket Kings

This is the way things normally work:

Form a band. Choose band name. Write songs. Practice lots with band. Book a gig. Play gig.

There isn’t much that is normal about our band. Our journey went something like this:

Write songs. Record songs. Book a gig. Realise you need to form a band for the gig. One practice with band. Choose band name due to impending gig. Play gig.

We are Rocket Kings. We are a 5-piece comprising vocals, three ukuleles, double bass and drums. Formed in mid-2016 after songwriter Dave Stewart (uke and vocals) had written and recorded a home-recorded album with Bex Crossland (vocals and uke). Dave and Bex added the excellent musicians Greg Forys (double bass), David Heath (drums) and Matt Stallwood (uke and vocals) and have now played more than 20 gigs, mostly in the Reading area. Rocket Kings went into a recording studio in January 2018 as a 5-piece to record an EP, which will be released during 2018.

We are a rock/pop band. It just so happens that we feature ukuleles, albeit sometimes through overdrive and wah-wah pedals, so we like to call our sound ‘ukepop’!

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