Bruno Renato

Hi! My name is Bruno Renato, I’m from Brazil. I love to write, sing and perform my own music in my ukulele.

I’m writing/performing original ukulele based music since September 2015, when I had my first contact with this amazing and happy musical instrument.

All my creations are based in real facts and in my own life experience. My soul and my heart are my main influences.

When I have some idea or inspiration about an original song, the first thing I do is try to write all the things that are burning in my mind (lyrics) somehow, without preoccupation about metric, rhymes etc. I used to first write lyrics and later try to put some melody and chords in my ukulele. I try to sing the words I wrote at the same time that the ideas of the melody are coming in my mind, always with the uke in my hands, strumming some basic rhythms, playing simple chords and trying to fit all the thing together. I used to record/film my try. Later, I return back in it as much as necessary to better my creation.

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