I am writing instrumental music on the Ukulele and chanson like music for the Ukulele in german. For me it is an adventure to explore my mothertongue in a genre where most artists are english speaking. I don´t like to publish videos, cause I want the ears to be busy not the eyes.

I originally started writing music on bass guitar, then switched to tenor ukulele. Currently I am working on a song collection of “Wiener Lieder” and have a collection of instrumental compostions for ukulele. In the past I was running a bass duo called “2bass” where I had an evening show called “Mellow Night Grooves” in a local pub in Frankfurt am Main over 1,5 years. The show was based on improvisation. One bass gave the groove the other explored with arpeggio chord playing the horizon of the groove. We mostly focused on fusion in those days. The song Mellow Nights at the bottom of the soundcloud page is giving a sample of that time.

Nowadays I focus on simple setups. Voice and Ukulele. Just me, a rythm, my voice a simple grooving song structure. I am highly influenced by jazz and dancing swing notes.

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