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Steven Hardy

Don’t be a stupid Santa
Like Christmas Steve,
Don’t leave your Christmas shopping
Till Christmas Eve.

“The Christmas Eve Shoppers” is an original ukulele song, a cautionary tale, about leaving your Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve.


Captain Chucke

Captain Chucke is a traveling folk punk and flailgrass musician from Athens, OH. Sharing the experience of life on the road through music, Captain Chucke draws inspiration from artists such as Profane Sass, Rail Yard Ghosts, Merle Haggard, Woody Guthrie, Mischief Brew, and Lost Dog street band. Having only been a musician for a couple years, Captain Chucke is a self-taught on the road ukulele player. His music has been featured on 88.1fm The Beagle’s Ukulele Underground radio show in New Zealand.


FiL Wisneski

FiL Wisneski has been been writing songs and playing in bands from his home in central New Jersey for more than twenty years. His song “Restraining Order” was featured in an episode of the nationally broadcast NPR program “Whad’ya Know?”. Originally a guitarist, in 2006 he switched to ukulele and never looked back. His songs often sound like a mix of Neil Young, They Might Be Giants, and Daniel Johnston.


Dani Joy


Dani Joy is a California based singer/songwriter/instructor and proud featured artist of Ko’aloha Ukulele.
Her world influenced musical style is soothing and romantic, blending old time jazz with Bossa nova/exotica genres.
​She is most noted for her crooning alto vocals and tasteful ukulele fingerpicking & accompaniment.




Terri Thornton (Throckmorton Ukulele Band)

Terri Thornton writes songs, sings and plays bass with Throckmorton Ukulele Band, based in Atlanta, Ga., USA. Appearances include the OUS stage at the Great Northern Ukulele Festival, Art on the Beltline in Atlanta, Oakhurst Porchfest in Decatur, Ga., the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway and more.


Mark Psmith

I am Mark Psmith, purveyor of tuneful whimsical ukulele flim-flam. I live in Derbyshire and can be spotted performing at open mic spots and the odd jam session – I aspire to regular gigging schedule! For a couple of decades, I devoted myself to playing the saxophone, but always felt something was missing. It turned out the sax is deficient in two ways: 1) you can’t sing at the same time, and 2) you can’t write songs on it. I picked up the uke in 2011 and have scarce put it down since, and much as I love to do cover versions, the real thrill is to be found in writing my own songs. People have said my work is reminiscent of Beirut or the Beautiful South. I tend to think of myself as floating somewhere within a triangle formed by Gilbert O’Sullivan, Burt Bacharach and the Magnetic Fields.

I have released three full-length albums (Nouns of Quality at Wholesale Prices, Lunch, and Leave It To Me), plus two EPs (Six of One / Half a Dozen of The Other), which can be downloaded from iTunes, Google and Amazon, and streamed on Spotify.

My real surname is Smith, but the additional silent P makes it easier to find me on the internet. It’s also a form of tribute to the greatest of all writers, P G Wodehouse.


Mike Haysom

My name is Mike and I use the stage name Haysom as there are too many Harrisons! I am a recovering guitarist and play in a variety of styles, though my roots lie in 20 years of playing classical guitar. Many of my influences come from the guitar world such as Steve Hackett and Gordon Giltrap. In terms of ukulele players I admire the talents of Taimane Gardner, Tobias Elof and Matt Stead, all of which I have had the pleasure of meeting.
I’ve only been playing ukulele for just over a year but I am a versatile player in two bands and my solo work is building a solid fanbase.
I have always had a passion for writing music and achieved 1sts for most of my compositions in my Creative Music Tech degree and have gone on to compose scores for independent films.

I am currently recording an instrumental ukulele album (inspired by my surroundings in South West Scotland) as well as multi-ukulele cover songs.

To hear some of my original ukulele recordings, visit this YouTube Playlist:
You can support my work (with special rewards) at


Alan Peschke

I began writing songs back in the 1980s but most of my song writing has been during the past few years, since I began playing the ukulele. My roots are in country and gospel music but my influences are broader than that. I use different ukuleles and sometimes keyboards, melodica, harmonica, and programmed bass & drums. I also enjoy multi-tracking background harmony vocals. Most of my song writing is based on my experiences growing up in south Texas, as well as stories I have read or been told. I am currently working on getting all my original songs uploaded to my original only channel. A more complete playlist of originals can be found on youtube under the name UkeintheHeartofTexas.


Cody Reeson

Hi everyone! My name is Cody and I reckon I’m a singer/songwriter. I’ve been writing music the past two years and managed to collect two albums worth of songs, not all of them are ukulele based but there’s quite a few there! You’ll find them all on the youtube channel and spotify. Youtube channel link is below.