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Sot Otter (Shrew)


Based in the Highlands of Scotland, singer/songwriter Sot Otter. Joins with shrewsister Anne Wood to form Shrew.
To join our mailing list or for details of Shrew gig dates, email us at or find us on Facebook @shrewmusic


Rocket Kings

This is the way things normally work:

Form a band. Choose band name. Write songs. Practice lots with band. Book a gig. Play gig.

There isn’t much that is normal about our band. Our journey went something like this:

Write songs. Record songs. Book a gig. Realise you need to form a band for the gig. One practice with band. Choose band name due to impending gig. Play gig.

We are Rocket Kings. We are a 5-piece comprising vocals, three ukuleles, double bass and drums. Formed in mid-2016 after songwriter Dave Stewart (uke and vocals) had written and recorded a home-recorded album with Bex Crossland (vocals and uke). Dave and Bex added the excellent musicians Greg Forys (double bass), David Heath (drums) and Matt Stallwood (uke and vocals) and have now played more than 20 gigs, mostly in the Reading area. Rocket Kings went into a recording studio in January 2018 as a 5-piece to record an EP, which will be released during 2018.

We are a rock/pop band. It just so happens that we feature ukuleles, albeit sometimes through overdrive and wah-wah pedals, so we like to call our sound ‘ukepop’!

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Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts

Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts embrace their inner girl power with quirky songs, big personalities and sweet harmonies. They easily slide across musical genres from folk to country, jazz, rock and blues. Their sassy and sometimes funny original songs have been well received at Festival performances and via the radio airwaves. A Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts concert is like a box of chocolates- you never quite know what you are going to get next! Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts know how to entertain and always create a fun, upbeat vibe whenever they hit the stage. They have recorded two CDs “Titbits” and “Ukulele Mama”


Grace Kendall

Heartfelt singer/songwriter Grace Kendall got her start singing original songs inspired about the Harry Potter books as part of a scene called “wizard rock.” Through that community, she developed her skills as an engaging storyteller and as a thoughtful performer. Over the years she has cultivated a reputation for intimate performances, often sitting on the floor of various venues and leading audience singalongs that sometimes end in tears. Through unconventionally structured songs backed with powerful vocals, Grace has developed her own style and isn’t afraid to take the ukulele to dark, sad, or angry places, although she also quite enjoys the sound of hope. Whether exploring the themes of her favorite children’s books or just telling stories inspired by her real life, Grace Kendall is a musician with a lot to say.

She has several EPs and albums available online, which mostly feature ukulele with some occasional guitar thrown in for good measure:


Jane Cameron

Singer, songwriter and more… A prolific songwriter, Jane brings a darker approach to the ukulele than you might expect. Jane blends folk, blues and jazz influences to create a sound that is as captivating as it is hard to categorise. Ranging from catchy pop folk to dark moody blues, her songs are rich in narrative, building characters and stories that are both familiar and fresh, humorous and heart-breaking.


Haji Basim

Haji Basim is a multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter, and producer. His refreshing and innovative blend of urban folk falls somewhere in between the intimacy of artists such as Sufjan Stevens or Josè Gonzales and the sensuality and groove of performers such as D’Angelo or The Weeknd, just to mention a few

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Devin Bender

This site is a gem and a blessing!

Stillness And Silence

My name is Devin Bender. Im from Rhode Island. I like to write and play songs that encourage mindfulness and LOVE! I’ve spent some years traveling as well as journeying inward and my songs to me are mantas and prayers, encouraging positive growth and keeping balance in the stormy times.
Grateful for the experience of life and expression!


Tyrone and Lesley

Tyrone and Lesley create songs on the ukulele, double bass and U-bass, all instruments that must be played close to the heart. First meeting in 2000 in the show Ukulele Mekulele which took them to the Sydney Opera House, they’ve made uncategorisable music ever since, having released five albums: Ukulele Heart (2012) , Bear with Me (2013), the soundtrack to the hit show of the same name, Gentlemen Songsters (2014) Baubles: A Ukulele Christmas (2015) and OPTIMISM (2017). With one foot on the music stage, and the other on the theatrical stage, they’ve performed to many audiences of the large and little kind.

Finalists in the 2012 and 2013 Queensland Music Awards for their songwriting, they’ve played the Sydney Opera House, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Melbourne Recital Centre, The Adelaide Festival Centre and many brilliant events including the New Zealand International Ukulele Festival, Melbourne Ukulele Festival, Cairns Ukulele Festival, Spruke, Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival, the Brisbane Festival, Perth’s Awesome Festival, the UK’s Grand Northern Ukulele Festival and many others.