Hi andydan here,

andydan is a ukulele artist from South Wales who incorporates a solid body steel strung uke fitted with a hexaphonic pickup, linked with a synthesizer pedal and loop pedals.

This set up gives him almost unlimited access to soundscapes and tones to paint either ambient textures or to icorporate vintage synth sounds within a songwriting context.

His debut album “RHYTHM & SOUND” will be released this April, and will feature in performances at GNUF in May &The Ukulele Festival Of Scotland this June.

He has already gained a small but loyal following since performing at Big House In The Country last February and according to his GNUF blurb ” Andydan has taken the uke world by surprise!”.

Influenced by many late 70’s & 80’s acts (Bowie , Eno , Roxy, OMD , Human League, Kraftwerk) , but also songwriting in general . ( Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell ,Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, John Martyn….)

Andydan is currently auditioning and programming new sounds for a future instrumental project.

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