Alan Thornton & Graham Smith

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Graham offered to send Alan an idea for a song, and he agreed happily. It was about a 12 second sound file that had a few notes and a few words and a rhythmic structure all wrapped up into one package. Alan listened to it twice and immediately wrote two verses, waited until morning and listened to them with a fresh set of ears and a mug of coffee. He sent it to Graham and waited …

Graham wrote back that it was worth working on  and, as he sent along an idea for the middle. Alan made some changes and sent it and  sent the third verse back thinking it might be enough to call the effort a song. What he sent was sort of dark, though and after discussion Graham sent a closing verse with a bit more optimism, and we agreed to wrap it up there.

All of this took a few days, but most of that was waiting for responses since we live in different time zones and both have jobs to do

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