Where Are All The Original Songs?

mary agnes krell

 On social media platforms there are many great ukulele players and countless videos, but most of what I could find were cover versions of existing classic tracks. Omega Music created a competition for original songs a few years back and on social media there is some activity, but no central portal for original ukulele based songs. In terms of live opportunities

The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival is one key place for people to hear original ukulele songs as well as bands playing great cover versions.

I am delighted that the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival will include numerous artists including Danielle Ate the Sandwich, The Quiet American, The Hedge Inspectors, as well as my own group The Small Change Diaries among many others.

Mike Krabbers as a solo artist (also 50% of The Hedge Inspectors) has been creating and playing original ukulele based songs for longer than most and I highly recommend checking out his podcast and his YouTube material. Mary Agnes Krell the organizer of GNUF has been a driving force for showcasing great artists at GNUF that remains the must attend annual live event.

I admit to being a big fan of outlets for new and original music and” BBC Introducing” have been excellent in creating a platform for new artists and performers writing ukulele based original songs. Look Yonder, and my own band “The Small Change Diaries” can now be heard on BBC Radio which would have been almost impossible in days gone by!