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“Qu’est-ce qu’on mange” means “what are we eating”. The song talks about junk food.
Sebukulele is French and lives in Paris.
With his ukulele, he sings originals songs in French and Japanese from his album “Citrus depressa” available on digital platforms.


Expanding the OUS Platform across the globe

I set up the OUS platform 18 months ago and I have been delighted by the number of international artists that have come on board. We literally have creative talent from all over the globe. This main site has been so busy that we have increasingly increased the bandwidth due to the volume of traffic. The FB page also continues to grow at a terrific rate with 2700+ members and growth on a week by week basis. Applications are increasing for artist pages for the main site at an extraordinary rate.

Its also fascinating to see the breakdown of traffic to this site. By far and away the biggest flow of traffic is from the USA and each month more and more artists appear on the main site. This means that the public can find a huge range of talent all in one place, rather than having to scrabble around online. This is a win win situation for artists who want to reach a wider audience and especially those who live in remote parts of the world and who inevitably struggle to get good exposure. Although there is a lot of enthusiasm for the mighty uke, the market I suspect is way smaller than folks might imagine so any centralized platform can only be a good thing.

I have always stated that OUS is part of a much bigger project and the full details of this will be revealed in 2018. With all projects the detail is crucial in order to create something substantial and long lasting. Sincere thanks to everyone who recognizes the importance of creating original music and shares the passion for making this available to the wider world.


jon duncan

Jon Duncan is a poet and singer-songwriter
from the island of Tasmania,
south of the Australian continent.