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Throckmorton Ukulele Band

[fvplayer src=””]Alan writes and performs with his bandmate and bride, Terri Thornton. Their sets include some of the originals that they’ve written together as well as some that Alan has written with Graham Smith and Kristy Worden, and Nick Cody.

This video features one that he wrote with a fine fellow musician named Bruce Gilbert and that Terri and Alan added a second character to for the last verse. As Throckmorton Ukulele Band, Terri and Alan have begun writing more songs together most of which feature Terri’s lyrics.

Follow their antics at:

Throckmorton is a Decatur,GA USA duo that presents witty, and thoughtful performances featuring ukulele, U-bass, banjuke and harmonica. Performances include a mix of original songs on subjects such as The Ghost of Elvis, People who thrive on only Catsup and Beer, Southern Gothic characters (some ghosts other than Elvis…) and the beauty of local natural resources such as creekside trails that run all through our city.


Nick Cody & Alan Thornton

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Nick Cody is the composer, arranger and leader of the ukulele band Small Change Diaries. Alan Thornton is a composer and singer whose first songwriting and public performance was in College, sometime prior to 1976. He describes his early output as “Overly complex songs which were likely to confuse the listener at some point.”

Alan believes that the uke can play any song that any other instrument can or at least it can accompany one or more singers singing versions of our songs.

This track is an excellent example of virtual collaboration. Nick sent over the lyrics that he had written and Alan did a great job adding the music to the lyrics.

Nick can be reached via the contact form on this site. Alan can be reached via Facebook:


The International dimension to OUS

I was thinking recently about how original Ukulele Songs has need become an international project. Ten months ago when I set up the original FB page I didn’t know what to expect. Now we have over 2200 members on the Original Ukulele Songs Facebook platform and 30 artists from all over the globe with their own showcased page. As well as the UK, OUS has reached the USA, Canada, Brazil, France, China, Australia, Holland and many other countries. We will be adding new artists to this page as well as unveiling new parts of the site in the near future.

The next initiative that is part of the global OUS project is to encourage collaborations between artists. This is already happening on the main FB page and we already have some fascinating results, including collaborations from artists in entirely different countries. This international dimension to OUS will become more apparent as time goes by.
When different artists work together, it can make for some really magical results. In 2017 I’ll be unveiling phase 3 of Original Ukulele Songs which again will further evolve many of the existing OUS themes as well as creating new opportunities for creative development.

I have always stated that Original Ukulele Songs is a BIG project and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to post material and to make the OUS FB page and main site such great places to visit!
Warm Regards
Nick Cody



Redshirt & Alan Thornton

[fvplayer src=”″]Redshirt (Matt Hicks) and Alan Thornton are two songwriters from two very opposite sides of the Atlantic. Both have been honing their songwriting skills for some time but met only this year on the Original Ukulele Song Project Facebook Page. Alan had written a set of lyrics which he felt very endeared to but had hit a wall with where to take them. They were incredibly personal words about trying to maintain wisdom in ones latter years and finding guidance in a member of a younger generation.

Redshirt offered to take them off his hands for a bit and left them to stew until the words began to grow on him and gain a meaning of their own for him. It was at this point that he felt able to add some of his own lyrics to the already fine collection of words and the commit it to a simple tune that effectively carries the song but allows the listener to focus on Alan’s incredible words.

If there’s one thing that characterises this collaboration it is the lack of haste and the willingness to wait out until something good rolls in. With their common ground in folk and roots American genres, it hasn’t taken long for them to find a trusting and effective working relationship and are already committed to future collaborations albeit with a large amount of water sitting between them.

The Latest of Days can be found at the following link:


X Factor, pout factor and good OUS news

I suspect this particular blog won’t win me any friends, but I find myself really disliking programs like X Factor and America’s got talent, even more than ever before. Aside from the whole presentation being totally formulaic and like a soap opera, many of the artists seem totally affected in how they perform. In my totally biased opinion there’s way too much pouting, posing and drama. I appreciate that this is the TV package, but I think these shows do little to encourage genuine new creative talent. Each year the shows become more predictable with declining audiences, even though they are still popular among the masses. I remain mystified by the appeal and the hyping up of “the winners” who usually quickly disappear without trace. I also hate the idea of “instant fame” and it’s clear to me that these shows are essentially production lines to turn out very formulaic and lackluster artists.
The ukulele is an amazing instrument and it’s great to see on the OUS FB page some collaborations between artists. Special thanks to many of the core performers including Alan Thornton, Bianca Brochet, Matt Hicks, Kirsty Worden, Paul Cameron and others who demonstrate some really creative work. This is for me far more interesting, but then I was never a fan of gimmicks, cover versions (with some exceptions) and endless whooping. That said my own musical tastes are probably pretty niche. Give me a sad tortured song any day rather than most of what is generally played on the radio and shown on TV. I appreciate that as someone whose top 10 albums would include Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night and Joni Mitchell’s Hejira, I’m probably in a minority…
In 2017 I’ll be launching phase 3 of Original Ukulele Songs. It’s going to be great…
nick cody